The "We believe drinking is the new smoking"

Tracy and Andrew | Silk Tree Botanics non alcoholic spirit

For those who aren't fans of beer, great strides have been made in the realm of non-alcoholic spirits. Last year, Tracy Cassidy and her husband Andrew Oates launched Silk Tree, Ireland's first non-alcoholic botanical spirit. 

Cassidy says she and her husband were "typical Irish partygoers" who drank all their adult lives. After growing concerned about their own drinking habits, they embarked on a year without alcohol and haven't looked back since. 

Silk Tree was envisaged as a non-alcoholic spirit that mimicked the taste of gin. The response thus far has "exceeded expectations" and Cassidy says that the success can be attributed to a shift in attitudes towards alcohol. 

"There is a huge movement of people stepping away from alcohol and taking a break," says Cassidy.

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