Silk Tree Botanics | Irish Non Alcoholic Spirit

Quality and sophistication

Silk Tree is distilled the traditional way, in a copper still.

Our carefully selected and distilled spices and botanicals have produced a full-bodied extravaganza for your taste buds.

Simply put, there is nothing missing from a glass of Silk Tree.

The ideal serving is with ice, tonic and a slice of orange or grapefruit. But why not experiment with other cocktail recipes that lend themselves to the aromatic flourish of Silk Tree. 

Silk Tree cocktail.jpeg

What falls from the Silk Tree? 

Ceylon cinnamon

A kiss in the beginnings of a sandstorm - sweet & hot

Coriander seeds

A refreshing morning dip in the lake – lemon & earth

Orange peel

A trinket from your first love – bitter & sweet

Juniper berries

A warm breeze drifting across an evergreen forest – pine & herbs

Lemon verbena

A tall glass clinking with ice – fresh & perfumed