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Best tasting alcohol-free spirit

This was the best of the botanical drinks I tried. The botanicals, most noticeably cinnamon and orange, were strong and complex but not overpowering.

When mixed with tonic water it made a harmonious and delicious drink.”

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A different kind of spirit

The social butterfly. The networking professional. The at-home lounger. The dinner party host. People all over the world are discovering a new way to say yes to indulgence without the need for compromise. 

Silk Tree is a distilled non-alcoholic Irish spirit with difference. 

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stay for another one

How do you keep up with the fast pace of modern living? 

Silk Tree found the answer is in the aromatic distillation of carefully selected fragrant spices, citrus zests, natural herbs and berries to produce a different kind of a spirit. 

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undeniable chemistry


Silk Tree was born when founders Andrew and Tracy realised their love affair with gin and tonic had run its course.

They joined an ever-expanding social movement of like-minded people who wanted to take a break from drink to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

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a refreshing choice


Silk Tree is now available in over 50 off-licenses, pubs and restaurants throughout Ireland and the U.K and is reaching new stockists every week, responding to phenomenal demand. 

If you think Silk Tree should be at your favorite spot please ask them and do let us know.

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